Test Cups

Why do we need a drug test?

Test CupsAs drug abuse is very common these days, the employers take it as a necessary measure to take these tests to ensure that the employee is not a drug addict and is not a threat to the society. It has become a standard procedure nowadays. This is more important in case of jobs where the employee has to operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles.

These tests have resulted in very low on-job incidents. These tests are either professional urine drug tests that are carried out in laboratories. Home drug tests are also done. The efficacy of these tests depends upon the procedure used to carry out the test.

Things to consider while doing a drug test:

The sample is taken in test cups or special containers and does not take more than 10-15 minutes to conduct the total procedure. If the test is taking any longer or the sample is old, the results might fluctuate.

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