Drug Testing

Types of drug tests:

There are various types of drug tests that depend on the subject on which they are conducted. Their detail is as follows:

Drug TestingSaliva test:
The Saliva test is the most common test that is used nowadays to conduct the drug testing. It has gained favor in the recent times. Although, it is more expensive than the urine test, but is more accurate. It has to be conducted in the laboratory. The CLIA waived drug test allows you to have a complete guideline about using various reagents to detect the concentration of various illegal and prescription drugs in the body. It is useful to detect opiates, cannabinoids, amphetamines, and THC etc.

Hair test:
This test is done for detecting drugs over a longer period of time. A hair about 1.5 inches long is taken. Opioids, amphetamines, and cannabinoids are detected easily using this technique. There is a misconception that shampoos and other hair treatments remove drugs from the hair follicles. You can conduct a test on a suspected person after 2 months of taking the drug as well.

Blood test:
This is the least common method of testing the drugs. No test cups are needed to conduct these tests. These are the most efficient type of drug tests to detect the presence of all drugs of abuse.

Urine drug test or pee drug test:
Urine drug tests are carried out in pee cups or urine cups. The sample is collected and is subjected to GC or MS to determine the concentrations of the illegal drugs. It is the most common method of drug testing. It is not as much expensive and is easy to carry out as well.

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