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What We Do…

Rapid Health Testing provides State of the art toxicology LCMS/MS testing, on-sight urine/oral DOA devises and represents major manufacturers of pain care products, capital equipment and software solutions.

Our Primary Goal at Rapid Health Testing…

We support the Physician with the highest quality lab services, on-site testing devises, education and professional service. Our work focuses on providing the tools necessary to meet today’s challenging medical and legal environment. With lower reimbursements and more challenging regulatory issues, what once might have seemed like an optional, value added service, has become an important tool for accurate diagnostic procedures as well as protection against the onslaught of overzealous regulators.

Our Difference…

In our field there are very few companies that are really concerned about doing the right things for the physician. Most are in such a hurry to make a quick buck that they have forgotten what really matters, THE PATIENT. Through P.E.E. ( Patient Care, Evaluation, Education) Rapid Health Testing carefully provides, educates and monitors the products and services the physician needs to evaluate each patient accurately so they may provide the most effective treatment while protecting themselves from an ever increasing hostile world. Rapid Health Testing works closely with the Physician and their staff to minimize aggravation and lost time during the transition and can provide temporary trained personnel if required.

Treating the pain patient is a complex process. The laboratory diagnostics for pain patients is also complex. During pharmacological therapeutic treatment, physicians are required to identify abuse risk within their patient population. Physicians must treat patients according to their professional judgment in accordance with established medical guidelines.

In the diagnosis of pain, assessment is essential. In order to optimize a patient’s outcome, treatment plans should be established that are individualized. To achieve that goal, it’s critical a physician is able to accurately evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed prescription drugs.

A physician also has a responsibility to minimize the potential for abuse and diversion of controlled substances. Employing treatment protocols which enhance the physician/patient dialogue and includes: urine drug screening, laboratory confirmation, medication counts, refill policy and consequences for failure to follow the agreed plan. This will allow the greatest patient benefit while protecting the physician against patient drug abuse and misuse. It’s essential a physician monitor and review a patient’s drug treatment plan and use state of the art LCMS/MS toxicology testing combined with high quality on-sight drug screening products. This will allow the most accurate method of determining a patients use of prescribed and/or illicit drugs. The demand for clinical urine drug testing for the field of pain management has increased dramatically as clinicians, regulatory agencies and insurance payers seek objective measures to regulate compliance and support clinical diagnoses.

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